... and The Wide Format Company grows greener

Despite the distinct correlation between sustainable resources and improved business practices, far too often consumers are forced to choose between environmentally conscious choices and the more fiscally possible, ecologically irresponsible options.

Fortunately this contention between going green and saving green no longer has a place in the world of wide format printing, thanks to HP's efforts to promote a sustainable printing community. The Wide Format Company and our subsidiary, BuyGreenSigns.com, have partnered with HP to spread the green printing campaign.

As HP Partners, we're excited to now offer a full list of affordable recyclable and/or biodegradable products for your large format machine. So excited, in fact, that we decided to share the news at San Francisco's Green Festival this past weekend, where BuyGreenSigns.com's suave mascot EcoMan swept eco-geeks and green gurus off their feet.      

Saving the world never looked so good... one print at a time, folks. One print at a time.

Click here to learn more about the green printing materials now available on The Wide Format Company's website!