Best printers for Engineering firms in 2020

Searching for the best wide format printer option for your business in 2020? We've compiled a list of the best wide format Printers for Engineering business that prints simple CAD technical/lines drawings and color print such as photo, aerials, and presentation.

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1. HP PageWide XL 3600/3900                                                                   

40-inch color printer/36 in color scanner             

  • Model #’s depend on speed:
  • Designjet XL3600 = 2 “D”/min (D= 24 X 36)
  • PageWide XL 3900 = 6 “D”/min
  • PageWide XL 4100 = 10 “D”/min
  • PageWide 4600 = 15 “D”/min
  • PageWide XL5100 = 20 “D”/min

Recommended for Mid-Level production (over 5k sq ft per mo)

The PageWide series has been a game-changer in the A/E/C wide format print world. For the first time ever, you can get wide-format color printing for about the same cost as the standard monochrome.

Now those that have a color device sitting next to their monochrome device – can have color printing (and color scanning) at even faster speeds than your monochrome.

For instance, the PW XL3900 prints at 6 “D”/min – so definitely faster than the aqueous inkjet device. And you can bill back clients with the software Smart Tracker – helping recoup your costs of printing.

The PageWides come standard holding 2 rolls of media (upgradeable to 4 rolls and with “auto-switching”) – saving time as you won’t have to switch out rolls for a different size or type of media.

The scanner scans beautifully up to 1200 DPI – so scanned “light” line drawings, rendering, and aerials will give you clear crisp imaging.

Because of the no-heat process with pigment inks – you can print on media you can’t print on with monochrome devices – such as photo paper, satin glossy paper, and TYVEK.

Plus, IT people will like that HP offers the world's most secure wide format printers in the world.



2. KIP 860/KIP 660 color printer/color scanner

KIP 860 = 10 “D”/min; KIP 660 = 6 “D”/min

Recommended for mid to high-level production (5K sq ft per mo +)

For those that insist on toner printing – this is the wide-format plotter for you. KIP has developed the only “powder” toner-based COLOR wide format printer at amazing speeds. Why toner?

It is super affordable, fast and it's waterproof. Monochrome toner printer users will appreciate having the same quality and durability – only now in color. 2 rolls are standard – upgradeable to 4 rolls.

You can choose what kind of scanner you want as well – the KIP 720 or the high-end KIP 2300 scanner – used by many who scan difficult documents. The space-saving all-in-one model is the most popular.

The KIP system workflow gives you powerful print control – there is a print submission application, cloud printing, scan and copy, variable data printing and a fully integrated stacker and folder.



3. HP Designjet T2600 PostScript EMFP




36 in color printer/color scanner

Recommended for low to mid-level production (0 – 10K sq ft per mo)

This is a best-seller – perfect for the small to a mid-size engineering firm. The T2600 will print in color and scan in color at 2 “D”/min.

The printer comes with an options 2 roll – so you don’t have to switch out a paper every time you change media or roll sizes.

Paper is front-loading and the T2600 comes with Smart Roll Switching.

Engineers also like the large touch screen interface -- 15.6 inches. Now including drivers for 6the Winos and MAC OS, direct printing from the USB flash drive,

email printing, HP Smart App (print, scan, share for the iOS/Android/Smartphones/tablets and HP Click batch printing software.

Prints in 6 colors with pigment and dye-based ink – giving you durability, holds up in the weather and gives you a bright color distinction.

Being able to scan will speed up your workflow – easily scan and email revisions and hand-annotated red lines to your partners.

Since prints stack on the top – users won’t have to retrieve prints that fall into a lower bin (and then on to the floor) – a very nice feature.



4. Oce (Canon) PlotWave 365



36-inch monochrome printer/color scanner

Recommended for mid-level production (5 – 20K sq ft per mo) – not a graphics printer

Oce has long been a performer in the wide-format printing world – known for being very high quality but a bit pricey.

That has changed with the release of the Oce PlotWave 345/365 (345 = print speed of 4 “D”/min; 365 = 6 “D”/min) as the Oce quality, reliability and longevity is now very affordable.

This is a good option for those needing speed, but don’t need color prints. The Oce is ideal for decentralized printing environments featuring workgroups of CAD professionals who require both productivity and ease of use.

The color touch screen is easy to use and very intuitive. Customers love the low heat, low energy consumption printing process – no warmup time – thus producing unsurpassed quality monochrome prints and color scans.

You can have both speed and responsible energy consumption along with leading machine performance. 




5. HP Designjet T1600: 36 in color CAD printer





Recommended for the low to mid-volume users (3000 sq ft – 10,000 sq ft per mo)

The HP T1600 is a best seller – easy to use, beautiful crisp clear prints, and 2 “D” per minute for speed are the features our customers love.

It also has the “Top Stacking” so prints stack on top – and don’t drop into a lower bin and eventually on the floor.

The T1600 can come in a single roll or dual-roll configuration and with or without PostScript (but PostScript is always recommended.)

The robust T1600 will give many years of printing and is super reliable.




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