The Mobile Movement

Let's face it... smartphones are taking over the world, and it's not their own doing. Society's increasing demand for convenience and mobility has brought these comprehensive "life devices" into the limelight, and the success of smartphones is only the tip of the iceberg to a slew of emerging "mobile" trends. Consumers want the world to come to them. A hot new marketing tool is literally "on the road" to becoming a leading advertising solution for businesses big and small.

96% of all Americans traveled in a vehicle as either as a driver or a passenger in the lastweek. According to, 98% of these in-car audiences report having noticed truck-side advertisements. That's a pretty solid percentage, right? It gets better. Due to the mobile and highly visible nature of vehicle advertising, you receive exponentially more "bang for your buck" compared to conventional marketing mediums; at approximately $0.15 per thousand impressions, vehicle advertising is reaching more consumers for less.

I'm sure you've found yourself stuck in morning traffic, and if you're anything like me, you pass time people-watching and car-gazing.  I notice four distinctly branded company vehicles daily on my commute-- a general contractor, an insulation company, an office coffee service, and a catering van. Each business gets unsolicited exposure on the busy interstate we crawl along each morning and evening, additional impressions with each side street and parking lot they encounter, and perhaps the best effect of all: a professional representation of their company at each job site or delivery address.

Really want to go the extra mile as you modernize your marketing efforts? Capitalize on both "mobile" movements. Invite neighboring passengers to your website with a scannable QR code on the side of your company vehicle; with their smartphone, they can scan this simple square cousin to the barcode and instantly arrive at your homepage. Running a promotion? Offer 20% off with a promo code displayed on your delivery van. This will draw consumers to your business and help you gauge just how many impressions you're making! Transform run-of-the-mill vans, trucks, and cars into moving billboards with a novel twist.

Whether you're interested in a simple company logo on the door of your truck or attention-grabbing graphics on the entire fleet of company vehicles, The Wide Format Company can offer a cost-effective and aesthetic solution. Our fantastic group of designers and experienced production team can address the advertising potential of your box truck, van, or personal vehicle(s) and guide you toward a successful venture into the world of mobile marketing.

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