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Garry Papers, manager of the architecture and planning for the CCDC once said, “I believe that our skyline is a collective composition of many buildings. We don’t have one landmark like the Empire State Building or Petronas towers. I think the landmark is the entire Downtown.” This statement is a testament to San Diego’s unique architectural landscape. Because of the Federal Aviation Agency’s height restriction, no building is allowed to exceed 500 feet.

There are no overtly tall highrises in downtown San Diego, and no building in particular really stands out; however, view the cityscape as a whole and together they paint the San Diegan sky canvas with an all steel, glass, and concrete canopy. The engineers and architects who helped build downtown San Diego were presented with a special challenge given the height limitation. Yet, they made the impossible possible. The Wide Format Company would like to assist them in their goal to build an ever more beautiful San Diego skyline. They come up with solutions to building problems, we’ll take care of the printing for them. We offer a great line of HP large format plotters that can help you be more productive in your engineering and architectural endeavors.

With our large HP plotters, you can improve your workflow with HP ePrint & Share. You can preview, create a PDF at the same time, print, access, and share files. It’s easy, cost-effective, and reliable. You can share files by sending your colleagues an email with a secure link to your personal Web library. No need for FTP or email attachment. You can also use your personal Web library to manage all your print-ready content so you can print whenever you want.

At The Wide Format Company, we believe in serving our customers– that is why we’ll take care of shipping and delivery at no cost to you. We have lease or lease-to-own programs that you can take advantage of. For more information about The Wide Format Company and our HP plotters, contact our knowledgeable sales staff at 1-800-929-8300 or email info@wideformatco.com. The helpful staff at Wide Format Company is happy to speak with you.

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