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Chicago, IL has a great collection of marvelous buildings. It’s a tradition that makes Chicagoans proud and keeps architects and designers hard at work to maintain the reputation of excellence. To keep up the good work, you should use large format printers that can deliver the results you want. The Wide Format Company has a great selection of printers for you to choose.

Kip Plotters – The KIP wide format printer line features 100% toner efficiency. This allows you to use every last bit of toner for a zero waste print production. Its control system has touch screen technology for ease of use and advanced user management system. The KIP Cost Review Application produces reports on usage summary, toner coverage, media details, and recent print jobs. The KIP Cloud Printing is a driverless solution that lets the user bypass the printing software route. Now you can set up and submit jobs via email, to benefit from problem-free remote printing to the mailbox of any KIP printer, or just send it straight to the printer for immediate printing. A wide range of devices are available. KIP makes a machine for almost any office. From the Kip 7100 entry level machine to the Kip C7800 Color Production Unit.

Oce Plotters – The Oce line is designed for high performance. All Oce wide format printers deliver exceptional results with numerous technological features. The Dynamic Switching Technology automatically prints images in high quality and lines at full speed within the same document. You can also see the prints before you print them to ensure the colors are accurate. A notable breakthrough is the Oce Image Logic technology that can make better copies than the original. So say bye-bye to mediocre copies and hello to superior quality prints. Oce is the only manufacturer that makes an instant-on fuser. The fuser is what makes your toner bond to the paper. Other machines use heat rolls. The Oce uses hot air. This means the Oce will have a more accurate pixel placement and less moving parts. Additionally, this radiant fuser does not require time to warm up. Machines like the TDS 450, Plotwave 350/300 and TDS 750 use this technology.

A large format printer is an investment that should be considered carefully. With the efficient KIP printers and the excellent imaging technology of Oce, any one of these is a smart investment. KIP and OCE are well represented nationwide. You will be able to get quality service after the machine has been installed.

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