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We carry Mutoh UV-LED & Mutoh Eco-Ultra Inks.

Mutoh UV-LED ink is made of 100% solids, Mutoh’s UV-LED inks have no VOCs or HAPs like other inks, so they are better for the environment and are virtually odorless. 

Those Inks are extremely efficient and provide a vibrant color density for extremely vivid prints on a variety of substrates. 

Plus, with the clear varnish ink, you are given the option to print layers for an embossed look, adding texture and added appeal to certain applications.

Mutoh Eco-Ultra Inks are formulated for exceptional durability, Eco-Ultra Ink features unbeatable scratch resistance under the most aggressive conditions, which is critical to the production of banners and other graphics.

Revolutionary Eco-Ultra is more efficient than ever, providing rich ink density for bright vivid prints, quicker drying time, and no-odor or fumes to manage.

In addition, the improved Eco-Ultra Ink is tougher than ever before and boosts the performance of Mutoh’s ValueJet printers.

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