Seattle Wall Graphics


Corporate logos are imperative, yes. But your business encompasses so much more than that single specimen of design ingenuity; take your brand to the next level with a more comprehensive approach to visual identity.


1) Front Office 

Front offices and reception desks are often customers’ first interaction with your company. A friendly smile goes a long way, but will your receptionist single-handedly impart a compelling brand experience? Probably not. Instill confidence in your customers with a visual manifestation of your principles. Be bold. Be creative. Incorporate the trademark red of your logo into an aesthetically interesting display behind the front desk, showcasing milestone projects with a hue of corporate ownership. Throw some of that same “trademark red” into your waiting room seating options and you’ve subliminally– and effectively– captured your visitors’ attention.

In the tech or gaming industry? Give us a call. We specialize in high-resolution, compelling wall graphics to showcase your newest releases and projects. The Wide Format Company is your leading resource for Seattle wall graphics.


2) Restrooms 

Seriously. Assuming you have a brick-and-mortar business, chances are the building’s restrooms aren’t doing your marketing efforts any favors. They’re a necessity, sure, but the potential is there to make them a commodity. Capitalize on both function and form– make a statement out of company colors while adding allure to an often neglected space. BP Europe did. The BP marketing team completely transformed the customer experience with their “BP: Better Bathrooms” campaign and the results are incredible. With an “innovation project team” piloting their restroom refurbishing efforts, BP concluded that the installation of high-resolution wall graphics with a high-gloss, the anti-scratch finish was the most economical and expedient option to recreate customers’ “journey of the brand.” It worked!


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3) Vehicles 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: vehicle wraps are changing the way we advertise. Due to the mobile and highly visible nature of vehicle advertising, you receive exponentially more “bang for your buck” compared to conventional marketing mediums; at approximately $0.15 per thousand impressions, vehicle advertising is reaching more consumers for less. Wrapped vehicles get unsolicited exposure on the busy interstates we crawl along each morning and evening, additional impressions with each side street and parking lot they encounter, and perhaps the best effect of all: a professional representation of their company at each job site or delivery address.



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