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Paper or Plastic? Considerations for Printing on Either

You may not realize it, but when it comes to printing media, you now have a similar choice: Paper or plastic (or any of a variety of other media, such as vinyl, metal, or fabric).  Professional printing businesses are increasingly capable of printing on plastic, and it’s less expensive than you might think. Read More »

How to Print Sustainably

It may be a long time before truly paperless offices become commonplace. In the meantime, there are things everyone can do to reduce the environmental impact of printing—that is, making printing sustainable, rather than a net environmental detriment. Read More »

What the Future Holds for 3D Printing

As prices continue to fall for 3D printers and materials, it is becoming accessible to the masses. But what does the future hold? Read More »

What to Include in Your Company Letterhead

A well-designed letterhead, printed professionally on premium paper, is a way of saying “I care about quality in every aspect of my business.” Here are some things to consider when designing your letterhead. Read More »

Best Practices for Printing Brochures

Brochures seem so simple—it’s just one sheet of paper, after all—but the design choices that go into creating an effective brochure will drive you batty if you aren’t prepared. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when creating and printing brochures Read More »

General Print Design Tips

Some years ago there was a TV commercial for Snickers candy bars that featured the Kansas City Chiefs football team practicing in a stadium while a member of the grounds crew was painting the team’s name in one end zone. At one... Read More »

Understanding the Basics of Professional Printing

You were probably taught in school that Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. Like so many things you learned in school, this is not quite true—the Chinese beat Gutenberg by 400 years. Either way, for most of its history, printing was mainly... Read More »

Introducing: KIP 800 Color Series

  As the affordability gap between color and monochrome machines continues to close, KIP recently released a new series of color print systems designed to increase productivity, improve image quality, and offer advanced technical control while boasting the lowest total cost of operation in... Read More »

HP News - HP Transforms Large-format Printing Process with New Ergonomically Designed ePrinters

HP News - HP Transforms Large-format Printing Process with New Ergonomically Designed ePrinters. Great article released by HP regarding their two newest machines, the T1500 and T920. See the video below for highlighted features!     Read More »

Your Local Marketing Graphics Resource

Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about what we have to offer. Questions? We'd love to hear from you! (425) 828-9010 Read More »

Best Graphic Printers for 2014

To follow up our popular list of the Top 5 CAD Printers for Architects, we've compiled three of the hottest professional graphics printers for photographers, museums, graphic marketing teams, and print shops. These machines are the perfect printing solution to best represent your work and... Read More »

Kyocera Series: #1 - Mobility

Print Capabilities to Match Your On-the-Go Work Style Frequent travel, working between multiple locations and virtual offices bring new demands for on-the-go access to files and documents. The mobile workforce is looking to transform their entire office into a mobile experience, and they... Read More »

What are Wall Wraps?

What are wall wraps? These are not gangster raps... these are wall wraps! Wall wraps are office-changing color graphics that can transform the look and feel of your environment. Are you tired of boring white walls or old art pictures all over the... Read More »

Wall Graphics Installation

The Wide Format Company teams up with top installers to ensure our high-quality graphics get the treatment they deserve. Installation is a key piece to long lasting, compelling wall wraps! Installation costs are typically built in to our quotes, but feel free to contact... Read More »

Introducing Your Design Team

From left to right: Felipe, Erin, Bob, Florendo, Danny* (production/design) Jeff, Gary, Teresa, Anna, Lisa, Sean* (production/design) Considering wall graphics for your office, but not sure where to start? The design process can be a daunting first step to transforming your environment, but it doesn't... Read More »

Wall Wraps Just Got Greener!

We are excited to announce a fabulous new addition to The Wide Format Company's fleet of cutting-edge wide format printing equipment! Our wall graphics and vehicle wraps will now exclusively be produced using the HP L330 64" machine; 1200 dpi printing capability paired... Read More »

HP PageWide Technology - Have You Heard the BIG News?

In a press release issued June 10th, HP announced a game-changing step forward as they prepare to offer a scaled series of its inkjet-based PageWide Technology for wide format printing, delivering high quality prints and faster speeds and lower costs. HP Designjet T3500 PageWide Technology makes... Read More »

What are Wall Wraps?

Whether you are a team of hardworking technology professionals with limited in-house client interaction or a very visually-dependent retailer with constant consumer traffic, graphics matter. Studies continue to suggest that a “refreshed,” stimulating work environment both inspire staff and increase consumer interest... Read More »

Revolutionary Burgers, Revolutionary Graphics

Chances are if you've been to a Seattle-area sporting event in the last year or so, you've ventured past a People's Burger truck once or twice (and if you're lucky, you've stopped to grab a bite!) We recently "wrapped up" our second... Read More »