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Best printers for Engineering firms in 2020

Best wide format Printers for Engineering firms that print CAD technical/lines drawings and color prints such as photos, aerials, and presentations. Read More »

Top 5 GIS Printers

Top 5 best wide format Printers for GIS that prints simple CAD technical/line drawings. Find a wide-format printer that fits your needs and budget. Read More »

5 Eco-Friendly Signs You Should Use to Advertise

Using eco-friendly signs is a great way to promote a business or special occasion, while simultaneously strengthening your brand and helping the environment. Thankfully, there are so many signage eco-friendly options available that are great Read More »

4 reasons to avoid Knock-off Ink cartridges 

We have compiled 4 reasons why you should avoid knock-off Ink Cartridges. The knock-off cartridge can be a low-cost upfront,  but it can cause long term damage, especially on large format printers. Read More »

4 Great Design Tips When Creating Your Company's Graphics

Whether it's storefront signage or interior sign decor, keep in mind that signs are is one of the most effective advertising tools. Having a quality design with excellent graphics can give your entire company a boost across the board. Read More »

What to Include in Your Company Letterhead

A well-designed letterhead, printed professionally on premium paper, is a way of saying “I care about quality in every aspect of my business.” Here are some things to consider when designing your letterhead. Read More »

Top 5 CAD Printers for Architects

We've compiled a list of the 5 hottest wide format machines in 2019 for architectural and engineering firms... after all, we're here to make your job easier! Read More »

How to Design a Great Business Card

The business card—that little piece of cardstock with someone’s contact information printed on it—has become ubiquitous. Limited until recently to sales representatives, attorneys, and other business types, now anyone with a few bucks can go online and have personalized, full-color cards printed and delivered the next day. Against that background, it’s easy to forget that they have a long and fascinating back story. Read More »

5 Tips to design an awesome Restaurant Menu

A restaurant’s menu is the lifeblood of the company. These strategies can kick off the design process and provide some much-needed food for thought before the printing process begins. Read More »

An Architect’s Guide to Printer Selection

Architects should keep several considerations in mind when making the choice between commercial printers and in-house printers. Read More »

What the Future Holds for 3D Printing

As prices continue to fall for 3D printers and materials, it is becoming accessible to the masses. But what does the future hold? Read More »

Best Practices for Printing Brochures

Brochures seem so simple—it’s just one sheet of paper, after all—but the design choices that go into creating an effective brochure will drive you batty if you aren’t prepared. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when creating and printing brochures Read More »

Understanding the Basics of Professional Printing

You were probably taught in school that Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. Like so many things you learned in school, this is not quite true—the Chinese beat Gutenberg by 400 years. Either way, for most of its history, printing was mainly... Read More »

Introducing: KIP 800 Color Series

  As the affordability gap between color and monochrome machines continues to close, KIP recently released a new series of color print systems designed to increase productivity, improve image quality, and offer advanced technical control while boasting the lowest total cost of operation in... Read More »

How To Create amazing decor with Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics is a fantastic way to use signage to display, promote, showcase art, protect, and enhance brand visual communications. A Custom wall graphics will make the interior or exterior walls of your office, business, and home one of a kind; they are one of the most beautiful and efficient alternatives to change the environment making your walls state of the art. Read More »