Custom Wall Graphics & Murals

Corporate logos are imperative, yes. But your business encompasses so much more than that single specimen of design ingenuity. That’s why we encourage you to bring your brand to the next level with a more comprehensive approach to visual identity. The Wide Format Company can help you create a company mural or other custom wall graphic to do just that.

Front offices and reception desks are often customers’ first interaction with your company. A friendly smile goes a long way, but will your receptionist single-handedly impart a compelling brand experience? Probably not. Instill confidence in your customers with a visual manifestation of your principles, such as a company mural.

In the tech or gaming industry? Give us call. We specialize in high-resolution, compelling wall graphics to showcase your newest releases and projects. The Wide Format Company is your leading resource for Seattle custom wall graphics.

Be bold. Be creative. Contact us to get started today.

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