4 Great Design Tips When Creating Your Company's Graphics

4 Great  Design Tips When Creating Your Company's Graphics

Having a quality design with excellent graphics can give your entire company a boost across the board. In fact, 70% of consumers indicated that the quality of an organization’s sign reflects the quality of the business.

So if you’re only using plain, boring signs out front of your store, passersby are going to assume that your interior and company values reflect that. 

That’s why you should focus on designing the greatest possible signage for your company. It all starts with the sign’s graphics.

Having eccentric, creative, and visually appealing graphics on your company’s posters, billboards, and signage can really help your organization standout this year. 


Here are some tips that will help you come up with the best possible graphics for your signs: 


Start with a custom display board

By finding a great custom display board for sale, you can start with a perfect canvas for designing your visually appealing graphics. The quality of your signage certainly matters, because even a cool-looking sign can look bad if it’s not sturdy or placed on durable material. Find a excellent custom display board for sale and get to work.


Stay consistent with your brand

Your brand should be reflected across all aspects of your business, especially your signage. Staying true to your brand means staying consistent with your colors, not using different logos or slogans, and keeping all design aspects the same. That doesn't mean you can't get creative with your graphics; it just means you need to do so with your company's brand in mind.


Utilize negative space 

Negative space is actually a good thing when it comes to graphic design. If your sign doesn't have much blank space, it can feel too cluttered. Focus on a creative yet simplistic design with plenty of negative space.


Don't use too many colors or font styles 

Having five or six colors on your display or utilizing multiple fonts can confuse your customers. Also, it will make your graphics look over-complicated. Again, simplistic styling doesn't have to be a bad thing -- it can turn out looking great if you're careful.