Printing Tips

5 Tips to design an awesome Restaurant Menu

A restaurant’s menu is the lifeblood of the company. These strategies can kick off the design process and provide some much-needed food for thought before the printing process begins. Read More »

An Architect’s Guide to Printer Selection

Architects should keep several considerations in mind when making the choice between commercial printers and in-house printers. Read More »

Paper or Plastic? Considerations for Printing on Either

You may not realize it, but when it comes to printing media, you now have a similar choice: Paper or plastic (or any of a variety of other media, such as vinyl, metal, or fabric).  Professional printing businesses are increasingly capable of printing on plastic, and it’s less expensive than you might think. Read More »

How to Print Sustainably

It may be a long time before truly paperless offices become commonplace. In the meantime, there are things everyone can do to reduce the environmental impact of printing—that is, making printing sustainable, rather than a net environmental detriment. Read More »

General Print Design Tips

Some years ago there was a TV commercial for Snickers candy bars that featured the Kansas City Chiefs football team practicing in a stadium while a member of the grounds crew was painting the team’s name in one end zone. At one... Read More »