4 reasons to avoid Knock-off Ink cartridges 

4 reasons to avoid Knock-off  Ink cartridges 

Printing supplies can be quite costly, it is expensive to buy, you use fast and before you realize it is time to replace it … again!

When you buy a printer, you should look for not only the machine cost but also the cartridges cost as well to ensure you are getting the best deal in the long term usage and the printing experience you are looking to achieve.

Buying knock-off or remanufactured cartridges may result in those consequences listed below:

      1. Cost-saving may not be reliable: If you are looking for a high-quality print experience, cheaper may not be your best choice as most of the knock-off brands lack in quality and performance.


     2. Problems can often happen:  A high amount of knock-off or remanufactured cartridge buyers, experience problems with those cartridge and machine functionality. You may get what you pay for with an extra cost of having to hire a service technician.


     3. Not compatible technology: Buying cartridge from your equipment manufacturer most of the time it is the best option as those cartridges are specifically designed to function as a part of the printing system. The knock-off brands are usually old technology and will not deliver the same print quality.


    4. You may not be able to recycle or reuse: Sustainability is at the top of the mind for a lot of companies that want to reduce the environmental impact. The knock-off brands most of the time do not offer recycling options, as the manufacture brands like Hp offer programs like “ planet partners” that have embraced sustainability practices for decades. 


That can be a very polemic topic, but the bottom line is the more expensive the cartridge is, the more engineering development time has been added to develop a high-quality print experience.
The knock-off cartridge can be a low-cost upfront,  but it can cause long term damage, especially on large format printers.