5 Eco-Friendly Signs You Should Use to Advertise

5 Eco-Friendly Signs You Should Use to Advertise

Whether you're running a business or hosting a special event, it's important to focus on advertising. Not only do you have to market your product, service, brand, and event beforehand to spread awareness; you should have on-site displays, as well.

In fact, the value of on-site signage is actually equal to 24 full-page newspaper ads every year.

Using eco-friendly signs is a great way to promote a business or special occasion, while simultaneously strengthening your brand and helping the environment.

Thankfully, there are so many signage options available that are great.

Here are some eco-friendly sign options to consider for your business or special event:


  • Yard signs -- Eco-friendly yard signs are great for promoting upcoming special events or showing support for a local candidate for a political campaign.


  • Display boards -- A display board can look amazing inside your office or along with the backdrop of a promotional event. A popular option for a quality display board is simply having your original office or building on the canvas.


  • Budget posters -- Recyclable and biodegradable budget posters are great options for companies, as well. These products are necessary and can help protect and preserve the environment.


  • Sandwich boards -- Opening a new restaurant? Hosting a major event? Or simply trying to entice passersby to physically walk into your business? Having a few sandwich boards out front will certainly help. Plus, its environmentally friendly benefits will help improve your company's image.


  • Foamcore boards -- Foamcore signs are perfect for welcoming guests to a special event or showcasing a certain product or service. Though you can get creative with everything from sandwich boards to display banners, foamcore boards are great for creative and original messaging.


No matter what type of eco-friendly signage you decide to use, you'll be able to fully customize each sign to reflect your brand's image.

If you're running a business or hosting a special event, don't underestimate the importance of eco-friendly advertising.

If you want to learn more about improving your advertising displays and purchase quality custom signs, contact The Wide Format Company right away.