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You’re the lead architect of a small firm in Lillian. A real estate developer contacted you to design for him an outlet mall at the edge of the city. Lillian is a small city and the mall would be a perfect way to stimulate the economy. The developer expects national chain stores and restaurants to open new branches there. They’ll hire the local residents to work there and out-of-towners can go there to take advantage of the low prices of an outlet mall.

With people working and spending money at the new mall, Lillian will collect more revenue, which can then be used to fund other projects around the city. So you worked on the project for days and you came up with some really good ideas. The mall you envisioned has a large glass dome so sunlight can come in to save on the electric bill. The corridors will be wide for easy traffic, and you’ll have plants and flowers in every corner of the mall so they can improve indoor air quality. You have all of this planned out and you pitched it to the developer and he wants to see it. If you print with a regular large format printer, you’ll miss out on the small details that you worked so hard on. You could risk having the project rejected because of poorly printed prints. To make sure that never happens, consider printing with HP large format plotters from The Wide Format Company.

With large professional printers from The Wide Format Company, you’ll rediscover the meaning of outstanding image quality. HP prints with inks that are fade resistant so the colors will last a long time. HP printers let you print unattended with the large media rolls, that means less maintenance and shorter turnaround times. They printers also have easy-to-use job management tools that let you control whatever you print without all the hassles so you can maximize productivity and minimize cost.

At The Wide Format Company, we believe in serving our customers– that is why we provide you with free freight and free delivery. We have lease or lease-to-own programs that you can take advantage of. For more information about The Wide Format Company and our HP plotters, contact our knowledgeable sale staff at 1-800-929-8300 or email info@wideformatco.com. The helpful staff at Wide Format Company is happy to speak with you.

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