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The Golden Gate Bridge is arguably the most beautiful bridge in the world. It certainly is the most recognizable and photographed symbol of San Francisco. Its main features are two imposing towers on opposite ends, a pair of giant support cables that run along the length of the bridge, and the ever-vivid international orange color scheme. On a foggy morning, you can see the towers peaking over the blanket of fog, insisting on being seen.

Naturally, the bridge attracts millions of visitors every year and countless pictures have been taken. The completion of the bridge in 1937 was hailed as a remarkable feat of engineering and architectural achievement. This is just one example of a dream realized, and San Francisco is fertile ground for many ambitions to come to fruition. There are dozens of engineering and architectural firms in the Bay Area working hard to improve San Francisco and the surrounding area. The Wide Format Company is happy to help you on your mission. You worry about the creative process, we’ll cover the printing. At The Wide Format Company, we have a huge selection HP large format plotters to take care of all your professional printing needs.

With our line of HP Designjet, you can focus on your design with a reliable printer. You can work with confidence knowing that HP printers have gigabytes of dedicated memory intended exclusively for faster processing of even the most complex files. You can experience greater operating system support with original HP-GL/2 and RTL. The HP wide format printers are easily upgradable, so you can have the peace of mind knowing you will be able to reproduce the color of your previous Designjet.

At The Wide Format Company, we believe in serving our customers, that is why we provide you with free freight and free delivery. We have lease or lease-to-own programs that you can take advantage of. For more information about The Wide Format Company and our HP plotters, contact our knowledgeable sales staff at 1-800-929-8300 or email info@wideformatco.com. The helpful staff at Wide Format Company is happy to speak with you.

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